How does offshore IT software development work?

How does offshore IT software development work?

Ibrahim | Otimbi Labs
18 Jan 2021

The good reasons to outsource to offshore, how to find the right offshore partner, and calculate the economic gain. Do you need an offshore team?

How does it go when you embark on an IT project developed offshore? How to get organized? How to find the best service provider adapted to your needs? On what type of contract to start? A time and materials contract or a fixed-price contract?

This page aims to centralize all the knowledge you need to launch serenely into an offshore adventure.

N°1 : The GOOD reasons to use offshore development

If you want to address at least one of the issues listed below, then IT outsourcing is for you:

  • You need quick access to IT profiles (developer, lead developer, Product Owner, Scrum Master, architect ...)
  • You are looking for tools, methods and above all support to structure your production (agile methods: Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment...).
  • You want to accelerate the time to market for your product, your features.
  • You are open to more structuring and want to gain more rigor,
  • You wish to have the possibility to test new technologies: Flutter, PHP, .Net, Python, Ruby, Angular, JavaScript, React.js, Java, Symfony, Magento, Swift.
  • You want to reduce your IT costs.

N°2 : Find the GOOD offshore partner  

Having an idea for an IT project is good, but knowing which company to turn to is even better. Ask yourself the right questions before you start.

The choice of service provider is a decisive and delicate moment. Don't lose sight of your objective: a partner who is right for you to build a relationship based on solid foundations of trust and transparency.

There are many companies offering offshore services, and this sector is growing every year. Here are our tips to help you find the right company for you:

  • What type of project do you want to develop?
  • Which operating mode will best suit your business?
  • Which outsourcing model do you want to start with (level of commitment)?
  • What is the provider's ability to build a team now and what is the potential for the size and skills of this team to evolve in the future?
  • What are the languages spoken by the employees?
  • How will the outsourced company respond to your questions and issues?
  • How will it approach simple projects and how will it approach complex projects?
  • What are the company's experiences (references) in relation to the type of project you have?

N°3 : Evaluate and CALCULATE the economic gain for your company

Whether for yourself, your management, or your boss, it is essential that you know the benefits of offshore IT outsourcing.

"By having a clear view on the financial benefits injected into your company, you will be able to build solidly and serenely your approach of entrusting your digital projects to an offshore partner."

The benefits of offshore IT to be included in your roadmap:

  • Gain on costs related to personnel expenses and infrastructure costs,
  • Improved profitability and increased margins,
  • Decrease the risk associated with structuring an IT project, making technical decisions and structuring your production.

N°4: KEYS TO SUCCESS to optimize your offshore IT experience  

A wise man is worth two. This last part will help you reach the ideal cruising speed when working with your offshore teams.

The foundation of a successful collaboration with an international team lies in the multiplicity of means and methods of communication put in place, at all levels of your organization and your project.

Multicultural collaboration is a real opportunity for the development of your project, that of your collaborators and consequently for your company itself.

A set of best practices to apply, here just for you. Discover without further delay, all the documentation on this subject.

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How does offshore IT software development work?

The good reasons to outsource to offshore, how to find the right offshore partner, and calculate the economic gain. Do you need an offshore team?
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